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Kautz-Uible Cryptoeconomics Lab

The Kautz-Uible Cryptoeconomics Lab is a physical space where researchers, students, and companies can come together to collectively study the impact of blockchain technology and digital assets on the future economy.

The lab is housed in UC's state-of-the-art Digital Futures interdisciplinary research facility, located in the heart of the Cincinnati Innovation District. The Digital Futures building provides an innovative space for its community of experts to partner with government, industry, and the community to deliver reliable and lasting solutions to the real problems impacting people's lives.

Lab Activities


Academic Research

Drawing on financial support from UC and corporate sponsorships, researchers and students collaborate to publish academic research on topics including the relationship between measures of trust and cryptocurrency adoption, the effect of cryptocurrency mining on energy markets, and the role of ethical frameworks in decentralized decision-making.


Digital Asset Management

With research analysis provided by UC’s Cryptocurrency Club, the lab manages investments in two funds: the Kautz-Uible Cryptocurrency Fund, held in trust by a qualified custodian, and the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Fund, a self-custodied wallet holding high-growth digital assets. Custom mining rigs and validation nodes generate cryptocurrency income for the DeFi Fund.



Faculty affiliated with the lab provide executive education and on-site workshops for corporate partners.


The lab also provides workspaces for students pursuing the university's Certificate in Blockchain Technology.


NFT Media Lab

In partnership with the School of Art, UC students are employed to create artwork for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Smart contracts are programmed to distribute royalty earnings to the original artist and sponsoring organization.

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Meet The Team

Michael Jones Headshot - 2021.JPG

Michael Jones, PhD

Lab Director

IMG_5425 (1).jpeg

Jacob Metzger

Research Anaylst


Daniel Vennemeyer

Research Assistant

Jack headshot.jpg

Truong (Jack) Luu

PhD Candidate, Digital Futures Research Fellow


Ben Franks

Research Assistant

L1070756 1 (1)_edited.jpg

Sunshine Barhorst

Educational Affiliate

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