Cryptoeconomics Lab

The Cryptoeconomics Lab will be housed in the new Digital Futures building—set to open in Summer 2022. The lab will offer a physical space where researchers, students, and companies will collectively study the impact of blockchain technology and digital assets on the future economy.

The lab will host computing hardware and networking equipment, which will validate payments, upload data for smart contract execution, and securely store digital assets. Researchers will analyze trends in decentralized currency exchanges, parametric insurance, prediction markets, and other business applications. Providing a platform for blockchain technology research, the lab will also serve as a transdisciplinary hub for research across diverse academic fields, including business, law, engineering, and art.

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Blockchain Education

In partnership with The Blockchain Academy, the institute offers a range of courses and certificate programs that cover the skills needed to navigate the new world of opportunities within blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Participants receive a certificate of completion from the University of Cincinnati and earn certifications and micro-credentials from skill assessment bodies, such as the Blockchain Certification Association, R3, and the Linux Foundation.

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Cryptocurrency Activities
UC Cryptocurrency Club

The University of Cincinnati's Cryptocurrency Club creates an environment in which members can discuss and learn about the new and growing phenomenon of cryptocurrencies. The club's mission includes advancing general interest and knowledge of cryptocurrencies within the university; it's open to all levels of knowledge. Academic Director Michael Jones serves as one of the club's advisors.

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University Crypto Trading Competition

The Blockchain Academy has launched a new competition in which participants utilize its cutting-edge Crypto Trading Simulator. The winning prize is a $25,000 education program scholarship, which will cover the cost of the winning team's choice of programs offered by The Blockchain Academy. Individual students, as well as student teams of 3-5 members, are eligible for the prize.

Registration closes November 8. The competition runs from November 8 through December 8.