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The Econ Games

The institute encourages undergraduate students to participate in The Econ Games—an annual competition that challenges participants to use their knowledge of data analytics and research to develop solutions to real-world problems.

Students are challenged by our corporate sponsor to help them solve a business problem. The Econ Games are hosted on a university campus and students will have all of campus as their research laboratory. At the end of the day, students will present their results. Students will also hear presentations from industry leaders about how they use economics and data analysis at their firm. The event will include opportunities for students to build lasting personal and professional connections with peers and businesses in the region.


The Econ Games are an opportunity for students to learn real-life applications of the data and statistical methods they learn about in class. The games provide students with the chance to connect with industry leaders and engage in meaningful discussion. Most importantly, The Econ Games help build a community of undergraduate economic students and connects them with colleagues from other.

Watch our students present during the 2021 Econ Games.

The Econ Games also offers other learning opportunities, including Summer Data Camp, which Lindner's MS in Applied Economics program proudly sponsors. Summer Data Camp is a four-week program that introduces participants to programs such as Stata, R, and Tableau and teaches them how to use data in a meaningful way through real-world applications.

Stay tuned for information about upcoming Econ Games events.

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