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Scholarship Opportunities
Undergraduate Scholarship Awards

Awardees are selected based on a holistic evaluation, which includes strong academic credentials, a demonstration of an ongoing connection to the Economics Society, and a demonstrated interest in, aptitude for, and passion for economics.

Kautz-Uible Undergraduate Fellowships

Awarded to sophomore, junior, and senior undergraduate students majoring in economics or business economics. Undergraduate fellowships, initially known as Hewett-Kautz Fellowships, started in 1983.

Kautz-Uible Pathways to Success Scholarships

Awarded to undergraduate students who belong to groups that have been historically underrepresented among economics majors at the University of Cincinnati. Learn more about the institute's Pathways to Success initiative.

Awarded by UC's Taft Research Center to allow undergraduate students to work on their own research project with a Taft faculty mentor and/or conduct research for a faculty member. Up to $4,000 in funding may be awarded. 

Taft Research Award: Undergraduate Enrichment

Awarded by UC's Taft Research Center to enhance the experiences of undergraduate students who are engaged in research projects. Up to $2,000 may be awarded for any 24-month period. Individual and group applications are accepted.

UC Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Awarded by the University of Cincinnati to motivate and empower undergraduate students to pursue their research. Students may request up to $700 in fellowship funding to help offset the cost of supplies, conference presentations, publication, and travel to field sites.

Graduate Awards
Kautz Scholar Awards

Offered to two awardees each academic year. Each awardee receives $9,000 and works on applied economics research projects under the supervision of an economics faculty member. No separate applications are required for these scholarships, recipients are chosen from the pool of MS applicants based on their academic credentials and follow-up interviews. Kautz-Scholar Awards were first offered in the 2015-16 academic year.

Taft Research Award: Graduate Travel

Awarded by UC's Taft Research Center to graduate students who are traveling to present their research. Up to $500 in funding may be awarded.

Taft Research Award: Graduate Enrichment

Awarded by UC's Taft Research Center to graduate students who are engaged in research projects that will significantly advance their degree program. Up to $2,500 for any 24-month period may be awarded.

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