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Reading Club

This year, the Kautz-Uible Economics Institute is launching a reading club as a platform for students and faculty to come together to share ideas about exciting happenings in the field of economics. Once a month, participants will be sent an article and then meet for discussion. Yearly, the club will focus on a book.

Introducing Bonfire Fridays

October: "Who is an essential worker?"

Join Professor Jones at 3767 Clifton Avenue to discuss "Who are the Essential and Frontline Workers?" around the fire. For more background on this topic, please read Guidance on Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers.

Undergraduate session: Friday, October 2 at 7 pm (FULL - max capacity)

Graduate session: Friday, October 23 at 7 pm 

Michael Jones - Firepit.jpg

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, each session will be limited to 9 students plus Professor Jones. Since there's a capacity limit, please look out for a confirmation email before attending.


Sessions will be held outside, and we will maintain social distancing. Non-alcoholic drinks will be provided.

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