Kautz-Uible Economics Institute Fellows

The Kautz-Uible Economics Institute fellows are industry thought leaders and dedicated to the mission of the institute.

Dipanjan Chatterjee

Dipanjan Chatterjee leads the brand strategy research practice as a vice president and principal analyst at Forrester, a think tank focused on marketing, customer experience, and technology. He is frequently quoted in media outlets like Fast Company, Fortune, Guardian, NPR, The New York Times, and Vogue and writes for publications like AdAge, The Drum, Forbes, and the MIT Sloan Management Review. 

Dipanjan was born in India and moved to the United States to study at Amherst College, where he graduated magna cum laude in economics. He later earned his MBA in marketing and strategy from the University of Chicago.

Laurent Rouaud

Laurent Rouaud is the CEO and co-founder of AVWORKS PARTNERS, an agile aviation and aerospace consulting firm. Before founding AVWORKS, he served as the chief marketing officer of GE Aviation for nearly a decade, playing an instrumental role in its growth.

Rouaud earned his PhD in economics from the Toulouse School of Economics. He currently teaches microeconomics, strategy, and game theory as an adjunct instructor in UC's economics department.

David Weiskopf

David Weiskopf has been a prominent figure at economics consulting firm Compass Lexecon for over a decade; he currently serves as an executive vice president.

Weiskopf earned his PhD in economics from Vanderbilt University and is currently an adjunct instructor in UC's economics department. In 2019, he taught the new course, Competition and Regulation.