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Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is one of the transforming technologies in business today. A blockchain is an immutable, digital ledger of economic transactions that records not only financial transactions, but anything of value. In this workshop, we develop a fundamental understanding of blockchain technologies and examine the legal environment, future trends, and additional business applications of blockchain technology.

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Strategic Thinking

Business strategy requires an understanding of both cooperative and non-cooperative game theory. In this course, participants will use game theory to analyze imperfect competition, moral hazard, adverse selection, market failures, and externalities and public goods.



This workshop considers how businesses can implement an econometric analysis of time series data. The course covers the standard array of statistical and econometric methods employed for inference, estimation and prediction with time series data. Both univariate and multivariate methods are considered. While the theoretical approach is covered, the emphasis of the course is on practical application using the R programming language.


Program Evaluation

In this workshop, participants will learn the concepts and methods of business program and service evaluation. They will learn how to monitor outputs and outcomes, as well as conduct a cost-benefit analysis. Participants will also gain practical experience by completing a critical analysis of case studies.