Blockchain Education

In partnership with The Blockchain Academy, the Kautz-Uible Economics Institute teaches the necessary skills to navigate the bold new world of opportunities within blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, such as smart contracts and NFTs. With innovative blockchain curricula, a hands-on labs environment for the non-technical learner, project-based learning for developers, and live expert instruction, participants will receive an education and validated skill employers seek. 

Participants have the option to enroll in a certificate program or take individual courses. Our programs offer flexible schedules, allowing those enrolled to complete them at their own pace. 

What You'll Receive
  • A certificate of completion from the University of Cincinnati that showcases your accomplishment to future employers

  • Certifications and micro-credentials from skill assessment bodies, such as the Blockchain Certification Association, R3, and the Linux Foundation

  • Access to industry events, competitions, and career-readiness services 

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Featured Courses and Programs